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80+ Premium Template

Here we (ExertPlugins) Introduce The Best WordPress Testimonial plugin which are sure to enhance and add extra value to your website. Don’t forget to Explore our Huge Collection of Premium Testimonial Templates which will help you to choose a suitable one for your WordPress website easily.


Grid Layout

If you wish to have a page in your site fully tiled with testimonials and impress users with the great number, then the template with Grid Layout is right for you. It will place multiple testimonials on one page with the most familiar variant of elements layout. The header with custom text will make it look absolutely complete.


Masonry Layout

Masonry Layout will be a perfect match for the case when there’s a rather Medium or short story from your client and you need to show it in all details. Using such a great size of photo you can display through the border line. And all the author social info stays under the text.


Carousel Layout

To grab users’ attention to the text of the testimonials, you can choose to show the text above the author details. For this, we have introduced Carousel layouts of the template. It will place several testimonials per page with a simple modern look.


Slider Layout

Slider Layout is one of the most common examples of how anyone can organize various testimonials from clients on the website. Slider variants of the layout present the reviews in one line and they can be navigated with the help of arrows or dragging.


Audio Layout

Audio Layout of the Testimonial template is an innovative idea with a really impressive look. Photos of the author hold place at the left side of the box and Name with Career orientation and Social media Icons at the Right and the audio player just below them.


Video Layout

Video Layout of a template is a perfect variant to concentrate visitors’ attention. Because you can embed or upload any Video files here. Video will take place in the center of the layout box and the Name with career orientation on the top of it.

Navigation Style

Pagination Style